Time Lapsing

Those time-lapse videos of flowers blooming, waves changing, and sunsets coming and going have always seemed really cool to me. So, I decided to try a time-lapse video of my own, though since I didn’t quite have a beautiful expanse of beach with cresting waves handy, I made it of an ice cream cone, doing what an untouched ice cream cone does best: melting.

I shot the photos for this video using the Triggertrap to control my camera, with it taking a picture about every five seconds or so. Unfortunately, I thought that the ice cream would only take about five minutes to melt, but instead it took around twenty, so I had six-hundred photos of the ice cream cone melting, which was a bit excessive. So I used every fifth photo in the time-lapse, then batch processed them in Aperture 3 to keep the colors relatively consistent across frames.

All-in-all, I think it turned out alright, and I had a lot of fun doing it, too, so more time-lapses may be in the future. You can check out the video below (don’t worry, it’s a small file size, so even on mobile you should be alright.)