Self Portraits

I also recently took some self portraits at a grungy-looking portable classroom. These were inspired in part in subject matter and more in appearance by the work of the famous muckraker Jacob Riis, better known as the author of his famous work documenting the slums of New York at the turn of the twentieth century, How the Other Half Lives. I tried to style myself a little older-looking (hence the hat and coat) and look grungy myself.

I was going for a play on the words How the Other Half Lives because in most cases, I’m the “other half” of the picture as I’m the one who’s usually working the camera. I was excited to finally be doing a series of self-portraits as it was both a different kind of photo challenge for me but also because it was neat to be able to work with photographs of myself (I had to wing it a bit as the self-timer on my camera only gave me ten seconds to get in position each time.) There was a kind of spontaneous vibe about the whole thing that I really liked, plus mimicking the old, grainy film look is a little different than what I usually go for with my photos.

Next up is to try some double-exposure self portraits with my LC-A+; I’ll have to see where that takes me.

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