More on Model Cars

This past week I shot another series of model cars, this time with the Cadillac (again), two Bel Airs, and an old Chevy truck. I used the same setup and lighting as I did to complete my last series and even re-shot the same picture to give myself a measuring stick to use when comparing my photos.

The setup

I stuck my Canon T3-i on a tripod and shot these photos with my 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens. I decided to try tethered shooting this time, so I had the photos downloading into Aperture 3 as I went for quick adjustments and larger previews than I could get on my camera’s little screen. I also used the Triggertrap app on my phone as a shutter release (which is really awesome and something I recommend you check out.)

The background is just our pine table with some chairs placed behind it and the light came from a chandelier hanging above with a dimmer switch on it. It may not be the most technical studio setup, but it got the job done (I feel, at least) pretty nicely.

The old and the new

You can compare the link to my old post on the Cadillac Fleetwood to the re-shoot of the same photo below.

I always have to critique myself and this time is no exception. I’m torn on the new one, as I think the color is more accurate and the lighting a bit better, but the background is not quite as interesting (the old one had different shapes and colors and some more bokeh.)

The cars

This is one of the first times I’ve dual-edited photos in Lightroom as well as Aperture 3. Aperture is great for organizing and quick adjustments, while Lightroom I’ve found to be more of a powerhouse editor, though I’m not as fond of its organization. So, I used them together for this series, which I think turned out pretty decently.

Model cars have become one of my favorite things to photograph, so expect some more coming soon in the future.