French Corral, California

I find mining towns fascinating.

Why? For a number of reasons, but mainly due to the fact that I live near many of them. They also are very photogenic (if that term can be used for buildings) and make interesting subjects. Maybe it’s the feeling of being in a place where its history is so evident, so real. Maybe it’s because we were taught so much about them during our California History classes in school. Maybe it’s just because they’re different from what we see on a daily basis. French Corral is one of the many mining towns nearby, which I decided to share some photographs of on my blog.

My Dad and I were at Bridgeport today for a picture-taking and video-ing trip, since my Dad is making a series of spec spots and wanted to get some shots on a windy road with our Jeep. On the way there, I saw I sign for French Corral, just a couple miles past Bridgeport, so we decided to check it out as I hadn’t heard of it before. As it turns out, there isn’t much nowadays to the little town of French Corral, but it does have an awesomely photogenic building, adorned with a sign stating “Wells Fargo and Co. Express” and the town’s founding date and elevation. A quick Google search for French Corral brought up a bit of information about it, namely that it was one of the many boomtowns that were set up during the California Gold Rush that now has a tiny population still residing in it, the town largely unheard of.

I didn’t get a full look at French Corral, as we only stopped at the Wells Fargo and Co. building before turning around and heading back towards Bridgeport, but I’m definitely going to have to head back and take a closer look around. In any event, I got some decent images from the outing, so check them out.

For more information about French Corral (and the sources of the information I included in this post) can be found at,_California, and